Community-Based Socioeconomic Decommissioning Solutions

Community-Based Socioeconomic Decommissioning Solutions

Just published. Our summary report: How Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioning Can Inform the Energy Transition

Summary of lessons learned from our three-years worth of work with the  U.S. Economic Development Administration.

Check out our recent publication in The Electricity Journal

New Life at Old Plants: Exploring Solar Power Development at Former Nuclear Power Plant Sites in the United States

Achieving Better Outcomes Through Collaboration

The Nuclear Decommissioning Collaborative is a resource for decommissioning best practices and information. We are a non-partisan non-profit dedicated to providing decommissioning stakeholders with accurate and objective information to promote effective nuclear plant decommissioning and community revitalization.

Next Steps for Decommissioned Plants

Nuclear power plants can pump millions of dollars into local economies, but with more than 20 plants scheduled to close, how will these largely rural communities cope with this loss of revenue? We took a look at this issue in a recent article for The Daily Yonder.

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Discover facts and figures about your local plant

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Share decommissioning resources

We are a curated source of decommissioning information. If you have something to share (reports, economic analyses or lessons learned) please contribute.

Recent News

New Trend: Trying to Restart Retired Reactors

July 22, 2024

New Trend: Trying to Restart Retired ReactorsThe Breakthrough Institute is an environmental research center based in Berkeley, California. Our research focuses on identifying and promoting technological solutions to environmental and human development challenges in three areas: energy, conservation, and food and farming.

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NRC taking the next step toward a possible restart of Palisades nuclear plant

July 15, 2024

NRC taking the next step toward a possible restart of Palisades nuclear plant The historic effort to restart the Palisades nuclear plant in southwest Michigan took another step forward on Thursday night when the U.S. Nuclear …

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Three Mile Island considers nuclear restart as Pa. lawmakers look to new tech to meet demand

July 15, 2024

Three Mile Island considers nuclear restart The plant’s owner is considering reopening as the demand for power rises along with new technology.

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