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We have partnered with Smart Growth America, the Center for Creative Land Recycling and the NADO Research Foundation to provide guidance and analysis, offer a set of tools, and build a supportive community of practice to better position the municipalities and regions bracing for nuclear plant closure.

We held a successful webinar on November 12, 2020 at 2 p.m. ET to introduce to the team, describe the kind of support that is available, and discuss various aspects of this new assistance program.

Read the press release here and check back soon for a synopsis of the meeting as well as answers to the many questions we received.

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The Nuclear Decommissioning Collaborative is the nation's clearinghouse for nuclear decommissioning practice and information. We are a non-partisan non-profit dedicated to providing decommissioning stakeholders with accurate and objective information to promote effective nuclear plant decommissioning and community revitalization.

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Recent News

Town Of Cortlandt: Comments For The July 29, 2021 NRC Public Meeting

July 30, 2021

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Exelon files decommissioning plans to shut down Byron Nuclear Plant

July 30, 2021

Exelon files decommissioning plans to shut down Byron Nuclear Plant BYRON (WREX) – Exelon Generation, owner of the Byron Nuclear Plant, files decommission reports on Wednesday. It’s among the final steps in retiring the Byron Nuclear Plant. “With no signs of a breakthrough on clean energy legislation in Springfield, we have no choice but to […]

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Exelon moves to pull plug on Byron, Dresden nuclear plants, saying Springfield’s failure on energy deal leaves ‘no choice’

July 29, 2021

Exelon moves ahead with plans to shut down Byron, Dresden nuclear plants, citing Springfield failure to pass energy bill An Exelon spokesman said the company remains hopeful that “clean energy legislation will pass in time for us to reverse these actions,” but they must move toward shuttering the plants. One lawmaker said the action was […]

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NRC approves ‘indirect’ license transfer for Vermont Yankee

July 27, 2021

NRC approves ‘indirect’ license transfer for Vermont Yankee VERNON – The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has approved what it calls an indirect license transfer of the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant site to a corporate partner of NorthStar Nuclear Decommissioning Co. LLC. NorthStar and its parent company, John F.

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Town Of Cortlandt: NRC To Hold Public Meeting On 7/29 In Tarrytown

July 26, 2021

Town Of Cortlandt: NRC To Hold Public Meeting On 7/29 In Tarrytown Town Of Cortlandt: NRC To Hold Public Meeting On 7/29 In Tarrytown – Peekskill-Cortlandt, NY – NRC to Hold Public Meeting on 7/29 in Tarrytown, N.Y. to Receive Comments on Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioning Activities …

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A permanent storage site for nuclear waste is long overdue for Wiscasset and other communities

July 23, 2021

Editorial: A permanent storage site for nuclear waste is long overdue, for Wiscasset and other communities The BDN Editorial Board operates independently from the newsroom, and does not set policies or contribute to reporting or editing articles elsewhere in the newspaper or on Nuclear waste doesn’t belong in Wiscasset. Or in more than 100 […]

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