We believe that the best decommissioning outcomes are realized through stakeholder collaboration.

We support all stakeholders in the decommissioning process.

We connect people and share resources.

We promote creation of best practices.

The Collaborative was created for your benefit and will thrive with your engagement. If decommissioning is in your past, present or future, you are welcome here.  We would love to learn more about you and your experiences. Submit a resource, ask a question, or sign up.

Everybody wants the same thing: a safe, timely and effective decommissioning project. The challenge is that for the vast majority of stakeholders, decommissioning is a once-in-a-lifetime journey. The pathway is complex, road maps are few and the destination unclear. This is where the Nuclear Decommissioning Collaborative can help.

We are the nation's only nuclear decommissioning clearinghouse. We bring together people and resources, questions and answers. We take the mystery out of your decommissioning journey and help foster better project outcomes for all stakeholders.


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