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We have partnered with Smart Growth America, the Center for Creative Land Recycling and the NADO Research Foundation to provide guidance and analysis, offer a set of tools, and build a supportive community of practice to better position the municipalities and regions bracing for nuclear plant closure.

We held a successful webinar on November 12, 2020 at 2 p.m. ET to introduce to the team, describe the kind of support that is available, and discuss various aspects of this new assistance program.

Read the press release here and check back soon for a synopsis of the meeting as well as answers to the many questions we received.

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The Nuclear Decommissioning Collaborative is the nation's clearinghouse for nuclear decommissioning practice and information. We are a non-partisan non-profit dedicated to providing decommissioning stakeholders with accurate and objective information to promote effective nuclear plant decommissioning and community revitalization.

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Recent News

Illinois lawmakers question Exelon audit

April 25, 2021

Illinois lawmakers question Exelon auditSPRINGFIELD – Members of a state Senate committee sharply criticized a recent audit of Exelon’s nuclear power plant operations that suggested ratepayers may need to subsidize two of those plants by as much as $350 million over the next five years. Gov.

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As Indian Point shuts down for good, workers wish for more years, talked about defeat

April 23, 2021

Recent article from the Westchester Journal News

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State bill created to help save the Byron nuclear power plant

April 16, 2021

State bill created to help save the Byron nuclear power plant BYRON (WREX)- As the closure of the nuclear power plant in Byron approaches, lawmakers are trying everything to save it. One of those efforts is House Bill 1472. State Representative, and co-sponsor of the bill, Dave Vella, says the bill would act as a […]

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Nuclear subsidy gets new challenge

April 14, 2021

Asking NJ court to undo nuclear subsidy | NJ Spotlight News NJ ratepayer advocate asks Supreme Court to consider decision on $300 million subsidy. Regulators are poised to add more New Jersey Rate Counsel Director Stefanie Brand is asking the New Jersey Supreme Court to reverse last month’s appellate court decision upholding the award of […]

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After Being “Promised Wealth:” What Happens to Perry if the Nuclear Power Plant Shuts Down?

April 9, 2021

What Happens to Perry if the Nuclear Power Plant Shuts Down? PERRY, Ohio – What’s been called the largest corruption and money-laundering scheme in Ohio history has dominated headlines since last summer. The political back-and-forth surrounding House Bill 6 has led to uncertainty in communities that rely on the two Ohio nuclear power plants caught […]

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Three Mile Island decommissioning panel meets for first time Wednesday

April 8, 2021

Three Mile Island decommissioning panel meets for first time Wednesday An advisory panel created as part of a settlement between state regulators and the new owner of Three Mile Island’s storied Unit 2 will meet for the first time on Wednesday. This 15-member group was designed to meet at least twice per year to increase […]

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