Socioeconmic Impacts from Nuclear Power Plant Closure and Decommissioning


Socioeconomic Impacts from Nuclear Power Plant Closure and Decommissioning

Host Community Experiences,
Best Practices and Recommendations

Over the next several decades, all currently operating nuclear power plants will close, representing a total annual reduction in gross regional product of approximately $25B. Given the scale of this impact, there is both the need and opportunity to strengthen policy, process and performance to improve economic outcomes of host communities recovering from plant closure.

This free 61-page report is offered with that goal in mind. Through a combination of stakeholder interviews and research, we have developed a more complete picture of what it means to close and decommission a nuclear power plant with a focus on the host community experience. By doing so, we provide all project stakeholders with additional tools and information to improve project outcomes and catalyze economic recovery.

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